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Our Experience How we can Help
  • Java Applets design and implementation.
  • Java Scripts.
  • Shopping Baskets.
  • Data access.
  • Integration of web pages driven by Java with Omnis Web Server and databases.
  • Inside knowledge in the design and implementation of the Omnis JavaScript Client technology
  • JavaScript client controls development
Omnis Studio is one of the most powerful RAD development tools. But even the best tools cannot do everything. The Omnis JavaScript Client and Omnis Web Server technology goes a long way in providing a very effective design tool for developing highly interactive web pages without the need for much knowledge about JAVA, JavaScript, HTML or CSS.

Sometimes, however, what is provided in the box is not enough. In such cases, additional JAVA classes/applets or java script may be the answer. If you feel you may need to resort to JAVA or JavaScript but lack the expertise, feel free to talk to us.

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